Zoom Chooses Bengaluru for Tech Centre: Hiring starts for these skills

Zoom Video Communications Inc, which undoubtedly became the most valuable video conferencing brand after the pandemic, opened a new tech development center in Bengaluru, and Zoom is hiring Indian IT professionals.

The New Tech Development center in Bengaluru will support Zoom’s existing R & D centers and engineering leadership based at its San Jose, California headquarters. 

As per TOI, Zoom selected Bengaluru for its exceptional engineering and IT talent. 

Zoom is hiring immediately for below three critical skills, and Employees will work from home until the pandemic-related remote work has subsided.

  1. DevOps Engineers
  2. IT security Engineers
  3. Business Operations


  • Zoom already has one office in Mumbai and two data centers, one each in Mumbai and Hyderabad.
  • The current Mumbai office, which is an operations partner, will scale three-fold. It surely is good news for talented and skilled Indian IT professionals who will have more job opportunities.
  • Zoom saw a 6700% growth in the number of new user signups in India between January and April 2020. 
  • Zoom currently serves the customers from manufacturing, education, financial and other sectors. Some of the well-known clients include IIM, Tata technologies, Crisil, WNX, ICRA, etc.
  • Zoom is currently widely used globally has seen a high surge in its user base worldwide during this pandemic. With its Videotelephony and online chat services through a cloud-based peer-to-peer software platform, it provides its user base with the following services. Teleconferencing, Telecommuting, Distance education, Social relations
  • Zoom is a video collaboration platform that gained popularity during this pandemic with its ease of use interface and reliability of its software.
  • LinkedIn posting for business development manager in India for their Mumbai office is evident that this company is hiring during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here is what the CEO of Zoom Eric S Yuan said

“India is a strategically important country for Zoom, and we expect to see continued growth and investment here.” They also have provided free services to 2300 education institutes during this pandemic.

Sameer Raje leads the Zoom app operations in India with the following Indian telecom companies competing for this space is Reliance Jio(Jio Meet) and Bharti Airtel (Blue Jeans).

Aparna Bara, COO of Zoom, stated that they are prepared to handle this competition innovate, better products and services, and provide value to the current customer base.

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