Young Software Engineer stabbed at home by a stalker

Young Software Engineer stabbed at home by a stalker

A software engineer, aged 29, was stabbed on Tuesday by an accused stalker who entered her home and attacked the girl with a dagger.

The accused knew the girl for two years, and she rejected his proposal.

The horrible incident occurred at the Laxmi Nagar colony under Narsingi Police station in Cyberabad Commissionerate at 7.40 pm.

Accused, Salman Shah allegedly scaled the wall of the apartment complex and entered her flat. Soon after the incident, the Police arrested the accused.

The Software engineer woman had filed a police complaint last week about the harassment by the man.

Venkateawarlu, the senior police officer, said that the woman was taken to the hospital immediately after the incident.

As per media reports, the woman was injured on the chest and abdomen and unconscious while the girl’s parents took her to the hospital for further medical aid.

BJP chief of the state, Bandi Sanjay, visited the hospital to check the software engineer woman’s health condition.

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