Workplace transformation continues with Remote Work/Work From Home(WFH) ; employee wellbeing is essential.

According to a new study, seven out of ten firms perceive improved employee experience as a fundamental benefit of workplace transformation.

Workplace transformation has accelerated in the last year, with remote work – enabled by cloud technologies – becoming the norm for most office employment. The majority of businesses are moving toward a hybrid workforce, which consists of a mix of remote and onsite workers and the staff who switch back and forth.

The Infosys Knowledge Institute (IKI), a research branch of software giant Infosys, found that in the short term, firms are still battling with security, connection, and cooperation in its report “A Workplace that Works: Impacts of Shifts in the Physical, Digital, and Cultural Landscape.”

Simultaneously, they are preparing for long-term changes in their work culture and physical environments.

According to the survey, 93 per cent of business leaders from various industries with revenues of more than $1 billion have accelerated the adoption of workplace transformation strategies in the last year, and 55 per cent of companies believe that digital transformation will have the most significant impact on workplace transformation.


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