Work From Home (WFH) Job search rise by 442% in India

Job searches for Remote Work or Work From Home have increased by over 442% between February and July. Rise in the WFH job search in India is the highest globally.

Work From Home was not a proven model in India until recently when the COVID-19 pandemic began; companies started allowing employees to Work From Home. That’s how Indian IT Professionals and Software Engineers realized the value of WFH.

It was like a product or app that you try for seven days as a Trial, and then if you like, you pay for the paid plan. With flexibility and a variety of career options, it has become more popular than ever.

According to a report from Indeed, WFH job search in the country has increased by 442 percent between February – July. The job search and the WFH job postings grew in sectors such as software technology, healthcare, and marketing.

Why India is searching Work From Home job

  • Some employees love working from home now and would like to continue working from home; so they are searching for a new job if their employer is calling back to the office or soon to be called.
  • Some employees are happily working in secured IT Jobs; they want to switch the job for a better salary and title; however, why to miss WFH benefit.
  • Some employees are doing the side business or freelancing work(If applicable), and WFH is the only way they could hide themself working during the daytime.
  • And of course, there are genuine WFH job searchers.

Indeed India Managing Director Sashi Kumar said –

Flexibility has always been an essential aspect of job opportunities for job seekers, especially millennials, who make up 50% of India’s working population.

Not only employees but organizations need a robust WFH model to needs to maintain business continuity.

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