Wipro says that Post-Pandemic Growth in the US Will Be Digital-First and Cloud-Led.

Renowned IT company Wipro in their website blog wrote that Post-pandemic Growth in the US will be digital and Cloud led. 

The US economy needs a return after the pandemic caused wreak havoc in the country. As Wipro says, the recovery of the US economy will be driven by both consumers and employees buying or making products and services and a re-ignition of consumer appetite and purchasing behaviour.

Many industries suffered drastically due to the pandemic; some include retail, medical field faced massive scale unemployment etc. 

Due to lockdown restrictions, many were confined to their own homes. It has helped the media and entertainment industry grow and made the blurring of content categories a trend. 

The US federal government intends to develop a multi-billion-dollar infrastructure plan designed to be partially funded by raising the corporate tax, which will help lower the impact of the pandemic physically and financially. It also expected to kick specific sectors of the highly sluggish economy into high gear.

Wipro, in their blog, mentions that in the post-pandemic world, 5G will gain more momentum, and enterprises will have to tailor different strategies for consumers and the business to provide hyper-personalized experiences and ensure customer loyalty. 

5G can be helpful for retail, CPG and healthcare providers if streamlining multimedia data gives businesses real-time insights about customer interactions and locations.

Wipro also states that organizations would require overhauling their technology capabilities to match business expectations to use technology for hyper-personalisation. 

It means that XaaS (everything-as-a-service) on Cloud, IoT/edge computing should be coupled with AI/machine learning for autonomous supply chains and virtualized IT operations. New-age tech should work with service design elements in a design-of-experiments mode to ensure continuous innovation to increase revenue and lower costs.

In the post-pandemic world, the people angle would extend to workforce capabilities, and frontline workers are expected to have the same or better information than consumers have in their devices. At the same time, insights from the front-end would need to be fed back to a new product or process design. 

Wipro says that to understand consumers better, shoppers, patients, subscribers, businesses must pay more attention to intensify their applications of advanced analytics to design products and services that cater to consumer preferences aligning with purchasing behaviour.


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