Wipro Plan on Return to Office and Future Hirings

IT major Wipro and several other companies around the world are planning to make more employees return to the office. Since the second wave of Covid 19 pandemic has come to an end, and vaccination is also taking place at a decent pace, so it is the best time for companies to return to office strategy.

According to the President & CHRO, Wipro Limited, Saurabh Govil’s interview with SightsIn Plus, even though informal interaction among the employees at the workplace helps in building culture and social capital for a company, but before ensuring their security, all employees will not be asked to return to the office.

He said that when it was necessary they followed some practices including, zoning protocols, sanitization, isolation rooms, distant seating, etc to bring some employees to the office after the initial lockdowns. But they are preferring WFH as much as possible.

Mr. Govil said that he will not be able to share Wipro’s return to work guiding principles. But it will be necessary for the employees to be considered vaccinated, based on their respective country’s regulations, to return to the office with minimal risk possible.

According to him, Wipro’s offices will still not be opened for all working days of a week, neither they will be able to allow all employees in the office on a single day. An employee will be able to come to the office only two days a week.

Wipro will also ensure its compliance with the regulatory framework of a country, before making any ‘return to office’ announcement.

According to Saurabh Govil, the company has also some hiring plans as a part of their strategy under the new organizational design, inspired by their CEO.

From Mr. Govil’s statement, it can be understood that Wipro is interested in hiring talents from all around the world, with good leadership skills so that they offer the best services possible to its customers.

Even he claimed the job listings in Wipro to be 100% gender neutralized.

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