Wipro employees to get back to the office from January 2022.

IT major Wipro will start calling its employees back to the office from the start of 2022 as the vaccination is accelerating in the country, said a top Wipro executive Saurabh Govil. However, the company’s senior leaders have already started getting back to the office in September.

Nearly 50 percent of Wipro employees have received both doses of the Covid vaccine, and 85 percent of employees have received at least a single vaccine dose. The senior executives of Wipro have been getting back to work since September twice a week.

The company has announced its Q2 results on Wednesday and reported 2.58 billion USD in revenue, up 6.9 percent on a sequential basis. It has forecasted a sequential growth of 2-4 percent for the third quarter of the current financial year. In addition, it said that it had added 11475 employees in the quarter, taking its total headcount to 221365.

Saurabh Govil, Chief HRO, Wipro, while talking at the company’s earnings call, said, “We have made a start on return to the office, and it’s a very welcome change.” He explained that Wipro would further accelerate the return to office initiative at the senior level in the coming quarters.

“From January onwards, hoping the pandemic is settling on well, we will gradually increase the participation of people on-premises. It will strengthen the engagement and teamwork as we get executives back into offices or even a gradual process with employee health and safety being the priority,” he added.

After one-and-half-year into work-from-home, IT companies are getting ready to get their employees back to offices with the increased pace of vaccination. IT giant TCS said that it is planning to get 80 percent of its employees back to work by 2022 and also encouraging vaccinated employees to come to the office from November 2021.

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