Wipro and UK National Grid sign a contract worth 44.5 million USD for data centers.

Indian IT firm Wipro and UK National Grid has signed a 44.5 million USD contract to provide data center services to the National Grid.

The UK-based electricity and gas utility company National Grid owns and operates electricity and natural gas transmission networks in the UK. Additionally, in the northeastern US, the company operates transmission networks and produces and supplies electricity and gas.

The contract between Wipro and UK National Grid is for five years and is spread out over four lots of colocation, managed services, mainframes, and data center migration. Both the companies can further extend it for two years.

Wipro will provide facilities to host IT hardware, including facilities management, monitoring, and security; managed services to care for servers and cloud assets operations, including patching, licensing, and compliance; mainframe hosting and management; and an 18-month data center migration program probably to cloud architectures.

National Grid said it was looking to deliver next-gen capabilities around its data centers and networks to provide reliable services to the business.

It said, “It is vital for National Grid to achieve improved service delivery speed, flexibility, and scalability delivered through the optimization of data center footprint, automation of operations. Additionally, developing and implementing hybrid cloud architectures that meet National Grid’s current needs can flex to meet our future needs.”

Recently, Wipro has been on a streak in the utility sector. It has won places on frameworks with Southern Water Services worth 50 million euros, SSE Gas and Electricity worth 12.5 million euros, and Northern Gas Networks.

National Grid

National Grid is a private firm that owns and operates electricity and natural gas transmission networks in the UK and the US. The company is listed on the London stock exchange.

The London-based company was formed following the break-up and privatization of the UK’s Central Electricity Generating Board in 1990, becoming National Grid Company plc.

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