Wipro and Intel partnership can be a game-changer and better than any multi-million deal

Wipro Limited has announced to team up with intel to provide its customer a new remote work platform with enhanced security features. Wipro will offer a seamless work-from-home solution to its customer, and it can be a game-changer

Wipro’s new CEO, Theirry Delaporte, is focussed on “Profitable Growth” since the day Wipro selected him as CEO for the 4th largest Indian IT company in India.

Wipro’s partnership with Intel is nothing less than a multi-million deal, and it appears that Wipro CEO is one step ahead when it comes to providing Business Continuity solutions to customers.

Post Covid-19, one of the areas that businesses have asked Tech Firms is to have an efficient and secure Work from Home solution. Considering the fact that many organizations have not invested money on any cloud or digital transformation for their business are willing to spend money now on smart work from home solutions. The demand for Work from Home solution is higher than ever before.

How is this a smart move by Wipro

There is no use of Work From Home solution if it is not secured enough. While several Tech companies are concentrating on Work From Solution, Wipro is one step ahead by ensuring rigid security and performance with the help of a company like Intel.

With the recent partnership with Intel, Wipro has integrated the Intel vPro platform into LIVE Workspace, a suite of digital workplace services to provide remote manageability of devices. Intel vPro platform provides enhanced protection and security against firmware- level attacks.

With the increasing demand of WFH, the security of the WFH solution is the number 1 priority for the organizations. Recently there were many Firmware- level attacks.

Firmware- level attacks compromise a PC or device before it starts, malicious software placed into the low-level code that governs hardware before system boot. Once in place, it modifies target OS components, access high-level software.

Intel is the leader for hardware Tech. Its vPro platform provides built-in security features for protection below the operating system and remote manageability of devices anywhere including on-premise or off-premise. It can also integrate the latest technologies remotely like an iOS upgrade on the iPhone.

Many Top IT companies like TCS and Infosys are helping their clients provide business continuity solutions; however, the way Wipro is unlocking this Business Segment is exemplary and cleverer.

Wipro has a big list of multi-million dollar budged clients, and even if Wipro provides this new platform to half of them, it’s going to make a huge difference. It is a smart move because Intel is a proven leader in hardware technology and been successful in the past fighting against Firmware- level attacks.

Time will tell which Indian IT company will win the race of the COVID-19 digital transformation.

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