Why working in Indian IT Industry is so stressful?

Working in the Indian Information Technology Industry is the most stressful. People in every industry have stress, but stress among Indian IT Professionals is unique and worst.

This story is to list down the primary factors behind this unseen stress.

There are numerous studies and publications on the topic related to stress among Software and IT professionals.

If you work in the IT Industry, then you must be already aware of the high level of stress at the workplace.

Let’s have a look at the primary factors why Information Technology Industry has so much stress.


• IT Industry is very competitive as compared to any other Industry
• Competition for Rating, better performance linked to foreign onsite, promotion, and annual bonus creates stress for many Indian IT Professionals

Client Interaction

• Frequent discussions with the client on project work; the client is involved in each step in the project
• Excessive mental pressure to achieve the deadline given by the client
• Handling client communication due to any an issue preventing on-time delivery or delivery with defects

Fear of Job Loss

• Job insecurity; feel scared believing that company may layoff anytime
• Stress due to recession or layoff predictions

Work-Life Balance

• No work-life balance; working additional hours and taking work-related issues to home
• Bringing personal and family-related stress to work
• Miss important festivals, social gathering due to deployments and other project deliveries

Work Environment & Policies

• Certain non-employee friendly company policies
• Excessive politics and bureaucracy at work
• High workload
• Excessive documentation

Lack of skills/ability

• Less expertise and knowledge as compared to other teammates
• Not able to learn new tools and technologies in a rapidly changing IT world
• Competition with an entry-level professional who is working long hours and delivering more

Roles and Responsibilities

• Smaller role and less responsibility than other teammates.
• More responsibility than actual position and designation.
• No work and on the project for just billing. 🙁

What is your primary reason for stress at work?

Jai ho India!!

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