Why IBM chooses Arvind Krishna as CEO

Last week IBM announced that Arvind Krishna would be the new CEO. Do you know Why IBM chooses Arvind Krishna as CEO?

Indian IT Blog list down a few reasons why IBM choose Arvind Krishna as its CEO.

Many Indians felt proud that he is a new Indian Origin CEO after Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella to run the show for Top Tech company. In contrast, many Indians snapped again by asking why these guys had to leave India and do something for foreign companies, but I guess that is a separate topic.

Everyone expected that Red Hat’s Jim Whitehurst would be the new CEO. However, IBM chooses Arvind Krishna as its CEO.

Why IBM chooses Arvind Krishna as its CEO:


Focused on Cloud, AI, and emerging technologies


  • It is a cloud era; Arvind Krishna is the perfect choice for a company like IBM, whose focus is on Cloud, AI, and other emerging technologies for the next decade
  • Krishna’s career at IBM has included a significant focus on artificial intelligence, starting with his early involvement with the Watson AI system up through to his oversight of IBM’s cognitive software unit
  • As per IBM’s current CEO Rometty, Krishna is an expert leader for executing projects in Emerging technologies


Longtime IBM Executive and understand the IBM culture


  • Arvind Krishna joined IBM in 1990 right after his Ph.D. indicating he spent his entire career at IBM
  • As a long time veteran IBM executive with nearly three decades under his belt at the company, he understands IBM’s culture much better
  • He understands IBM’s strengths and weaknesses and in a better position to lead the organization


He is the man behind the IBM- Red HAT Deal


  • Arvind Krishna is the “principal architect” of the company’s Red Hat acquisition
  • IBM spent $34 billion to acquire open-source software vendor; this was IBM’s most significant acquisition yet in its long history
  • It appears from the various interviews that he has a clear vision of how Red Hat will play a vital role for IBM in future


His background and his current role at IBM


  • Arvind Krishna is from one of top Indian institute-Indian Institue of Technology ‘IIT’ Kanpur and holds a Ph.D. degree in engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • His oversight includes the IBM Cloud platform, as well as the IBM Security division and Cognitive Applications business. Long story in short – currently he runs the key business for IBM
  • Additionally, Krishna oversees IBM Research, the company’s research lab, that includes 3,000 researchers in six continents, according to IBM’s website