What does Google offer as Death Benefits to families on the demise of its staff?

Google has earned a name for its own as a company known to prioritise employee satisfaction. Google offers death benefits to employee’s families for an extended period despite not considering how the employee has died.

Owing to the unprecedented pandemic crisis ravaging the country, many corporates in India have announced financial support to the families of employees who died of Covid-19. The financial aid provided is usually an addition and is not included in the Group Term Insurance. As part of their death benefits, Google pays 50% of the deceased employee’s salary to the family for ten years.

If the deceased google employee has a child, the company gives them USD 1000 per month until age 19 or age 23, depending on whether you are a full-time student or not.

Google’s death benefits stand out among most corporates since there exists no tenure requirement. The death benefit is only one among the many attractive perks that google employees enjoy. The death benefits revelation only adds to the already long list of google perks which ranges from free food to foosball tables to on-site dry-cleaning service to generous parental leave etc.

Several Indian Corporates like Bajaj, Tata Motors, Reliance Industries and many more are now resorting to offering death benefits to the deceased employee’s families. Tata Motors will be paying 50% of the basic salary every month to employees’ families till the age of retirement, whether they were passing away due to COVID-19 or any other cause. Reliance Industries will pay the last-drawn salary to the deceased employee’s family for the next 05 years. In contrast, Bajaj Auto will pay a monthly salary of up to Rs. 2 Lakhs p.m. for 24 months to the families of employees who died of COVID-19.

The death benefits are a testament to the company committed to ensuring the family well being of the deceased employee.

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