US H-1B Visa Approval Rate Crossed Over 95% in 2021

Since the demand for technology talent is increasing continuously in the US, which has resulted in the significant rise of US H-1B Visa approval rates. On one hand, where the approval rate during the Donald Trump administration in 2018 and 2019 was about 84%, while on the other hand, during the Joe Biden administration it had increased to over 95% in 2021.

The main reason behind this low percentage of US H-1B Visa approval rate during the last government was the increase in the number of applications rejected due to the rise in demand for additional documents submitted by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

According to the partner of a law firm called Greenspoon Marder, Nandini Nair, in the last six months, the scenario for legal immigration has improved a lot. It is the change in administration, amendments in the deference policy, and the decisions made by the IT industry body of US, ITServe Alliance which resulted in the reduction of RFEs (request for evidence), and improved approval rate.

Last year, ITServe Alliance and the USCIS discussed the issues related to the US H-1B visa, which resulted in the cancellation of two policy memos that were mostly used by the authority to reject immigration visa applications. One of them used to require an itinerary submission for the employee, while under the other a specific employee-employer relationship was required to be established by the petitioners.

Nair added that the currently used lottery system for the US H-1B visa is not appropriate for encountering the labor shortage issue in the country. She wants the registration system to be redesigned to prevent the loss of opportunity from a deserving candidate. She considers the removal of the lottery system helpful for the US economy.

Currently, 65,000 US H-1B visa applications are approved by the immigration authority. Along with that, it also approves 20,000 immigration applications from former receivers of Master’s degrees in the country.

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