Unstoppable Cognizant acquires two firms in one day.

BENGALURU: Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp.(Nasdaq: CTSH) has announced two acquisitions in a single day. Cognizant agreed to acquire Servian, a Sydney, Australia-based, firm specializing in data analytics, artificial intelligence, digital services, and cloud. Cognizant also acquires Linium, a cloud transformation consultancy group specializing in the ServiceNow platform and solutions for smart digital enterprise workflows. Both the Cognizant acquisitions have finalized within 30-48 hours.

The covid-19 pandemic has opened a great treasure of Digital Transformation deals for Information Technology companies. Cognizant CEO Brian Humphries’s focus on cloud, data and AI, digital engineering, and the Internet of Things is bringing a storm in the IT service industry.

According to Cognizant CEO Brian Humphries, there is a strong need to transform the business processes to agile workflows and deliver exceptional customer experiences using the latest cloud and digital technologies. Creating more agile workflows in the cloud is a priority for our clients.

Key details from Cognizant Acquisitions # 10 of Servian

  • Servian is a Sydney, Australia-based, privately-held company specializing in data analytics, AI, Digital and Cloud offerings
  • Cognizant Servian Acquisition is expected to close in the first quarter of 2021 post regulatory clearance. Cognizant is yet to disclose the financial details of the deal.
  • Servian acquisition will significantly help Cognizant expand end-to-end digital transformation in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) helping clients in digital transformation using cloud and modern data-based services.   
  • Servian has partnerships with the industry’s largest names, including Google, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, Snowflake, Oracle, HashiCorp, Talend, Informatica, and Red Hat.
  • While Cognizant has over 1,200 professionals in Australia serving more than 110 clients, Servian has only 500 professionals servicing more than 190 major ANZ companies in the banking, telecommunications, insurance, retail, and government sectors, including eight of ANZ’s 15 largest companies. 

Key details from Cognizant Acquisitions # 11 of Linium

  • Cognizant announced on its official website that it has agreed to acquire Linium, a cloud transformation company operating as the ServiceNow business. Headquartered in Albany, New York, Linium also has operations in Canada, India, and the UK.
  • Cognizant Linium Acquisition is expected to close in the first quarter of 2021; however, Cognizant did not disclose the deal’s financial details.
  • Linium Acquisition will accelerate Cognizant’s cloud strategy. It is Cognizant’s 11th acquisition in the last 12 months and the seventh cloud-related acquisition since January 2020. Cognizant continues to invest in expanding capabilities in the strategic focus areas of cloud, data and artificial intelligence, digital engineering, and the Internet of Things. 
  • Linium has over 150 professionals who will join Cognizant’s global ServiceNow practice. More than a third of Linium’s clients are Fortune 100 companies.

Cognizant Layoff in 2020 has criticized Cognizant management; however, the company continues to move on and try its best to tap deals and acquisitions to become the industry leader.

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