Tragic story of an Indian IT Professional and what to learn

A tragic story of an Indian IT Professional who died due to work stress; lessons that we can learn from his sudden demise.

  • 26 years old Anand moved to the USA and died just one day before his 30th birthday
  • Dealing with work stress in the Indian IT industry becoming challenging
  • This Indian IT Blog Story covering Anand’s story and what everyone can learn

Anand was a 25-year-old talented software engineer when he got his first USA onsite job opportunity.
He was happy and why would not, ultimately, he was going to work for one of the best financial companies in the world.

The next three years were full of happiness and joyful life events: he got married (at age 26), blessed with a baby boy (at age 28). He and his family were living a dream life; a lovely house, a happy family.

Now let’s look at his work life; Anand was one of the exceptional employees who begged three promotion in the last four years. (sounds unrealistic right? but it is true).
He did not work very long hours daily, but his 8 hours were stressful.

Anand appeared happy to his friends and family, and since he was healthy, with all his health numbers perfect, no one ever thought he would leave the world like this.

One day he was leaving to work; when his wife saw his car was still in the garage even after 30 min, she thought he is attending a conference call but then she went to check.
Anand’s eye was closed, and he was not breathing; she screamed and called 911(USA Emergency number) immediately.

Anand pronounced as dead due to a heart attack; Anand was fit and healthy then why heart attack with organ failure? As per the expert doctor who analyzed his case explained in layman term that he had a highly stressed job, so his organs got used to of that stress when he was stress-free, his organs reacted abnormally and lead to organ failure.

In a minute, everything was changed for his wife, his 2-year-old kid and his old parents in India.

I am not sure how many more Anand’s are there in IT Industry who take stress, work long hours, do not take time for themselves but if you are reading this, I would highly encourage read these suggestions.

Share with family and friends; If you are an IT professional and have a stressful job then your family should know what stress you are going through in office. I understand that this topic is debatable since some people do not want to give stress to their family; our family and friends deserve to know about high stress; even though they may not have a solution but at least can provide you some comfort to balance work-life

Regular Medical Check-up; go for regular medical check-ups and annual physicals to ensure you are doing well from a health perspective

Take appropriate insurance; based on your family situation (such as if you have kids, you have loans) take the insurance coverage, which is beneficial for your family in case of any tragic situation.

Have a backup plan; make a robust backup plan; think about income sources and other issues your family can face if you are not around; if your wife is homemaker then make a priority to help her be independent and confident.

Action plan for remediating work stress; last but not the least, be proactive to ensure stress is not impacting your life. Nobody in this world is 100 % stressfree, but people who manage their stress efficiently live longer and happy

o Give priority to health
o Take vacations and spend time with family
o Do not make a habit of working long hours every day
o learn to say NO to people and manage the workload smartly at work
o Have some ME time where you can spend some time with your self-doing meditation, listening to music or any hobby

I feel sad whenever I remember Anand however if even one IT professional can learn anything from this story, I would consider myself blessed; with my tears, I request you to forward this story to your friends, family, and co-worker who works in IT Industry.

Jai Hind!