Tim Cook will remain Apple CEO for the next ten years.

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook says he will leave the company in the next ten years.
  • Tim Cook succeeded Steve Jobs, who died of pancreatic cancer on January 15, 2009.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, has stated that he will leave the company in the next ten years, but he has not said when he will resign.

Tim Cook succeeded Steve Jobs, who died of pancreatic cancer on January 15, 2009. Cook’s first term as Apple‘s CEO lasted 207 days before Jobs agreed that the third week of June was the best time to return to Cupertino. Jobs remained CEO until August 24, 2011, when he realised he couldn’t do his job any longer. Cook succeeded him as CEO once more, and he has held the role ever since. On October 5, 2011, Jobs died of cancer.

Tim Cook was named CEO of Apple. Since then, Cook has led the Cupertino behemoth through many significant initiatives.

Tim Cook’s Journey at Apple

If you haven’t heard of Tim Cook, you should. Cook earned his bachelor’s degree from Auburn University in 1982 and spent 12 years in the IBM computer industry. Cook had only been with Compaq for six months before joining Apple in 1998 as VP of corporate content.

After Steve Jobs hired Cook, he became Apple’s Senior Vice President of Global Operations. Cook was well-known in his early days for his cost-cutting and benefit-generation techniques. After Jobs’ death, he took over as CEO of Apple.

Under its leadership, Apple introduced several ground-breaking innovations, created new product lines such as the Apple Watch and AirPods, and grew to become a trillion-dollar corporation. Cook is also an activist who works to end racial discrimination and racism against LGBTQ people.

The Apple Leader recently featured in a new episode of Kara Swisher’s “Sway” podcast. During the interview, Cook and Swisher discussed everything from social media’s impact on culture to “Tim Apple” and the Epic Games outfit. Swisher also inquired about Cook’s thoughts on electric vehicles and Elon Musk’s Tesla’s future.

Cook declined Swisher’s suggestion that he stay at Apple for another ten years at the end of the interview. “I probably wouldn’t do ten more years,” he said. But I can guarantee that I am in good spirits right now. There isn’t a specific date in mind. But another ten years is a long time, and maybe ten more years.”

Cook then hinted that he would step down in the next ten years. However, he said that the day or year of his retirement is still “not in sight.” We’ll keep you updated with more details later; stay tuned.


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