This US Tech company is hiring in India 500 for IT professionals.


  • US tech company Fulcrum Digital will be hiring around 500 IT professionals in India in the current fiscal.
  • The hiring will be for experienced people like program managers, technical architects, and data engineers.
  • The hiring is backed by the continuing growth of large-scale digital transformation programs with global customers for the tech company.

Fulcrum Digital, a small-sized Tech company based in the US on Tuesday, announced its hiring 500 employees in India in 2021. The tech company is highly dependent on India for human resources and will add 750 digital tech specialists during the same year; out of that, approx. Sixty-five percent that is 500 will be added in India, the company said in the statement.

The new hiring will be for experienced professionals in program managers, technical architects, data engineers, and full-stack developers. The hiring is supported by the continuing growth of large-scale digital transformation programs with global clients and rapid expansion of new customer base around geographies. As a result, the plan to hire 750 employees is almost double that of hiring in 2020.

Recently, the founder and chairman of Fulcrum Digital, Rajesh Sinha, has said that its total headcount is 1300, and it will be 1800 by the end of the year. The company has the target of 40 percent growth without revealing the exact revenues.

He said that the company is also looking to split the revenue evenly between its two verticals of platform and engineering services by 2022. 

The tech company has also expanded its global leadership team and workforce to drive the next phase of growth and win large contracts due to the pandemic-led surge in demand for digital services and solutions. 

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