These IT companies are hiring non-IT engineers to broaden the talent pool.

With all-time high attrition levels, major outsourcing companies like TCS and Infosys are grabbing more freshers by hiring from campuses and providing relevant training to expand their talent pool. On the other hand, midsize IT firms are putting a slew of measures to help broaden their talent pool amid sharply increasing attrition rates.

According to an Economic Times report, the mid-sized IT firms are working on strengthening their employer brand so that freshers and professionals choose them over the major IT companies.

While many new employees are lateral hires from other similar-sized companies, they are also working on expanding the fresher pool.

L&T Infotech has announced its plan to hire 5500 freshers in the ongoing financial year. It is planning to hire non-technical people and put them through a six-month training to meet the demand for specific skills.

“We are hiring another 1000 people on a hire-train-deploy basis,” said Sanjay Jalona, CEO of L&T Infotech.

In the same scenario, Pune-based Persistent Systems is tapping into engineering talent in traditional industries where people are not well paid.

“There are people who are engineers by training who work in other industries. They see their peers in the technology industry getting higher salaries and are good at what they do. These are the kind of people we are looking at in some percentage to train into the skill sets that we want and deploy,” said Sandeep Karla, Chief Executive Officer of Persistent Systems.

He added that hiring from other companies was a zero-sum game and not a correct way to tackle the talent crunch.

Many IT companies are struggling to control the attrition levels amid increased demand for digital transformation due to the pandemic. They reported attrition at 20 percent in the second quarter of the financial year 2021. The attrition rates are considerably higher as compared to the previous quarter of the year.