Will the H1-B quota Double ? Good news for Indian IT professionals planning to migrate to the USA

The US chambers of Commerce has started a campaign to address the shortage of skilled and professional workers in the US, which includes urging the US administration and Congress to increase the H-1B quota to double and eliminate the per-country quota for the Green Card.

The most desired H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows American companies to hire foreign workers in specialty occupations requiring theoretical or technical expertise.

Tech companies depend on the H-1B quota to hire several employees each year from India and China.

The US Chambers of Commerce has launched a campaign called ‘America Works’ earlier this month. It has demanded to increase the H-1B quota, which is currently at 65000 and another 20000 for students who have higher studies from the US.

Suzanne Clark, President and CEO of, US Chamber of Commerce, said, “As we stand on the cusp of what could be great American resurgence, an employee shortage is holding back job makers across the country.”

Through the plan of America Works, the US chamber is asking to double the cap on employment-based visas, doubling the H-1B quota and H-2B visa quota, and implementing other reforms to the legal immigration system to assist employers in meeting the demand for high-demand jobs in labor-strapped sectors.

The Chambers is also asking to increase federal investments in employer-led job education and training programs and expanding access to childcare for working employees.

The US Chamber asked for changes to be done on the issuance of employment-based immigrant visas, including increasing the cap on employment-based immigrant visas from 1.4 lakh per year to 2.8 lakh per year.

Eliminate the practice of counting spouse and minor child under the annual Green Card quota, which, if done alone, would double the amount of employment-based immigrant employees the nation admits each year.

It requested the Biden administration to provide international students who graduate from US universities with more opportunities to obtain employment-based green cards after graduation and enhance and expand the opportunities for entrepreneurs to receive permanent residency to set up business in the US.

US Chambers is also requesting the administration to responsibly replace routine visa processing at consulates worldwide so companies can obtain and retain the workers without significant operation disruptions to their businesses.