The LinkedIn ‘Future of Work’ study reveals Indian professionals’ approach to remote work.

LinkedIn has launched the ‘Future of Work’ perception study by research firm Censuswide that focuses on the insights of 1,108 respondents in the age group of 16 to 68. The respondents have worked from home during the pandemic and related restrictions.

The survey captures the sentiment of the Indian workforce towards the effects of remote work, plans to return to work and future work model preferences.

The LinkedIn ‘Future of Work’ study reveals how remote work leads to burnout among Indian professionals and leaves them hopeful for an office reboot.

The LinkedIn ‘Future of Work’ study

The survey’s top findings reveal that 86 percent of Indian professionals believe that the hybrid work model will help them maintain the balance between personal and work life.

The LinkedIn ‘Future of Work’ study revealed that 1 in 3 respondents reported burnout due to increased work hours (35 percent) and stress (34 percent) while working remotely. To cope with the work stress, Indian professionals prioritize their well-being and try to maintain a work-life balance.

Over half of employees believes that work-life balance is just as important as their paychecks.

Indian professionals think that a hybrid work model can be effective in the future. In the survey, 9 in 10 said the hybrid work model could bring back work-life balance. Nearly 48 percent said a hybrid work model would allow them to spend equal time on personal goals and professional work.

Working employees in India are keen to go back to offices. The LinkedIn ‘Future of Work’ study stated that 72 percent of professionals consider that work from home affects their career growth, while 52 percent said their professional learnings had severely affected.

Forty-six percent of the workforce wants to go back to the office full time because it makes them feel more productive and thriving in the workplace. In addition, 72 percent want to go back to the office as they miss fun, people and colleagues.

On the other hand, 93 percent of professionals consider work from home has positively impacted their physical health. They feel healthier because they do not eat takeaway food, have time to exercise, and spend time with loved ones.

The community on LinkedIn has also started conversations on how they feel and how they are finding the balance in this new remote work reality.

Ashutosh Gupta, India Country Manager of LinkedIn, said, “One and a half years of remote work has left professionals fatigued in India. At this time, we encourage organizations to explore stronger flexible offerings and focus on mental health, as professionals are now exploring a greater balance and more fulfillment in their lives.”

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