Tech Mahindra, Reagene to file a patent for the coronavirus attacking molecule.

  • Tech Mahindra will file a patent for a drug that can target coronavirus.
  • People have been about the unavailability of Remdesivir.
  • Several drugs are being tested worldwide for the cure of coronavirus.

According to a company official, Tech Mahindra is in the process of filing a patent with Reagene Biosciences firm for a drug molecule that can potentially target coronavirus.

As per a senior company official, Tech Mahindra is in the process of filing a patent with Reagene Biosciences for a drug molecule that can potentially target coronavirus.

Nikhil Malhotra, Global Head (Makers Lab) at Tech Mahindra, told PTI that the company is filing a patent application with a partner, on which the company will perform further research.

Tech Mahindra‘s research and development arm is known as Markers Lab.

“We’ve discovered a molecule that might be able to combat coronavirus. We have filed a joint patent application and will not be able to announce the molecule’s name until the patent process is completed, “Malhotra explained.

Tech Mahindra and Reagene Biosciences are currently conducting research. Makers Lab initiated the coronavirus computational modelling research. Tech Mahindra and its collaborator selected ten drug molecules from a list of 8,000 FDA-approved drugs based on computational docking and modelling studies.

“These ten drugs were filtered using technology.” the company put these to the test with our Bengaluru partners. 

“After that, we built a 3D lung in which we tested and discovered one molecule that worked according to our testing.” “We did the computational analysis, and our collaborators did the clinical analysis,” Malhotra said.

The study aims to prepare the technology for future drug discovery by using computational technologies.

“More animal research is needed, but we believe that this methodology will potentially reduce the drug discovery mechanism in biological computation. We are currently conducting additional studies to confirm the efficacy of the same, “Malhotra explained.

Several drugs are being tested, and people worldwide rely solely on vaccines to protect themselves from the deadly coronavirus.

Official data shows that India now has over 34 lakh active cases, with regular COVID-19 casualties reaching 3,600 on April 29.

Depending on the nature of the coronavirus infection, the Indian government has approved the use of drugs like Remdesivir and Tocilizumab.

People have been protesting about the lack of Remdesivir and Tocilizumab in the country on social media.

The fact that the centre could only offer 150 doses of Tocilizumab injection to the densely populated state of Uttar Pradesh demonstrates the shortage.

According to Malhotra, the Makers Lab network, which employs artificial intelligence and other analytical technologies, speeds up drug discovery.

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