Tech Mahindra on Growing with Cloud and Digital Transformation

According to a statement given by IT giant, Tech Mahindra, the company is expecting a double-digit growth from Tech Mahindra Cloud, while optimistic about new growth opportunities from 5G and blockchain technology. The first quarter of FY22 was very successful for the company.

Manish Vyas, who is the president of Communications, Media & Entertainment Business, and the CEO of Network Services, Tech Mahindra told the business line that cloud and digital transformation domain are some of the highest growth areas from them. To enhance their capabilities in the domain, they have performed six recent acquisitions.

The tech giant has selected its top clients from different sectors across EMEA, America, and the APAC regions to form a 30 members Cloud Advisory Board for optimizing its cloud adoption strategy.

According to CP Gurnani, the CEO and MD of Tech Mahindra, they are more dedicated to work on the software and integration part of 5G, while investing in a light manufacturing model just as an asset.

He said that to provide the hardware equipment for the BSNL they have partnered with ITI. While with the aid of cloud-based open RAN, clients will be able to manufacture radios by themselves.

He added that in 5G there will be more significance of software as compared to the hardware.

According to Manish Vyas, Tech Mahindra is leveraging Blockchain technology for asset tracking to meet customer’s needs in India, instead of just cryptocurrency.

The company is trying to implement Blockchain technology in the telecom sector to make communication more secure, and the logistics industry including the vaccine tracking system.

As a part of its marketing strategy, the company will be organizing a digital global chess league. This venture is also supported by Vishwanathan Anand, a chess grandmaster.

It is an effort of Tech Mahindra to promote a game like chess, which was originated in India. This league will bring together machines and people to play this game of knowledge.