Tech Mahindra employee leaves IT job to serve attendants of Covid patients.

The covid pandemic has wreaked havoc on many people’s lives, particularly those who care for Covid patients. Many people are sleeping outside government hospitals on an empty stomach. Sravanthi Kasaram, a Hyderabad techie who worked for Indian IT firm Tech Mahindra, has left her work to form an NGO called ‘We Are with You’ to help people with their necessities.

Sravanthi Kasaram, the founder of the NGO, spoke to Hans India. “We Are With You,” he continued, “during the Covid second wave, I came across numerous Covid patients’ attendants walking about the city government hospitals looking for food.” 

As a result, I’ve resolved to assist them with their most necessities. During the first wave, I collaborated with several non-governmental organisations to help the poor. 

As the Covid-19 second wave erupted, I began assisting older folks living alone with medications and necessities, but this does not satisfy. I left my work at Tech Mahindra to start this NGO because I wanted to serve people on a large scale.”

The NGO began delivering Glucovita (protein drink), bread, and pickles to caregivers. They gave at city government hospitals such as Gandhi Hospital, Fever Hospital, TIMS, Chest Hospital, and King Koti. Still, They soon discovered that attendees needed water, as the hospitals lack sufficient water facilities. As a result, with crowd-funding support, water bottles were distributed to every checkpoint and hospital.

Tech Mahindra employee leave IT job to serve attendants of Covid patients.
Tech Mahindra employee leaves IT job to serve attendants of Covid patients.

“Meanwhile, this tech Mahindra employee discovered that many NGOs were only giving lunch to the public, and they also found that Covid attendees did not have anything to eat for dinner at various government hospitals. 

We began preparing food for them with the help of donors. Every day, we serve between 800 and 1000 customers. “According to the former technician, “approximately 5 to 6 volunteers are assisting us on this adventure. And many like-minded people have also aided us financially to date. We may experience hardship in the following days owing to a lack of cash. Therefore I’ve sought assistance from numerous organisations to help us continue our journey, “Sravanthi remarked.

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