Tech Mahindra converted its cafeteria into a Covid Care facility; follows Wipro Technologies footsteps

Indian IT firms are in a race to support India in the covid-19 crisis. After Wipro Technologies, Tech Mahindra has converted its office cafeteria into a Covid care facility.

News Highlights

  • Wipro converted its Hinjewadi Pune Maharastra Campus to a Covid-19 Hospital During the second wave of Covid-19 in India
  • Tech Mahindra has collaborated with Fortis Healthcare to convert its Noida office cafeteria into a Covid care facility.
  • IT firm initiative of covid care facility at Noida Special Economic Zone (NSEZ) is the first and only one of its kind in Noida currently.

IT firms often compete with deals, mergers and acquisitions. However, the Covid-19 scene in India has a positive side of many IT companies coming in support of the employees and their families and other members of the society.

Wipro Technologies was the first company to start a covid care centre by converting its Hinzewadi Pune campus to an entire Covid care facility. Wipro’s Covid-19 Hospital at Hinjewadi Pune offers medical care to Covid patients since last year.

Recently Infosys also opened an Infosys COVID Care Centre for employees and their family members in Bengaluru. 

Earlier last year, Tech Mahindra was criticized as 7 employees test COVID-19 positive in Tech Mahindra Bhubaneswar Office; the IT firm eventually sealed it. Post which Tech Mahindra arranged COVID-19 Testing Of 20,000 Employees and Vendors in Noida.

Tech Mahindra Noida Cafeteria based Covid Hospital.

India’s leading IT service company Tech Mahindra has collaborated with Fortis healthcare and converted its cafeteria in Tech Mahindra Noida office based in Noida’s Special Economic Zone(NSEZ), a Covid care facility. Delhi and Noida are hit hard by the latest covid-19 wave in India and requires more hospital bed with medicines and oxygen supplies.

  • Tech Mahindra cafeteria to a covid care facility is operational since April 24 2021
  • Currently, it has a total of 40 beds, of which covid patients occupy 35.
  •  It holds a basic medical infrastructure to help patients with mild infection recuperate if they can’t get a hospital bed. Currently, it can not handle critical patients.
  • Doctors from Fortis on call to constantly monitor the health and status of the patient at Tech Mahindra Covid care facility.
  • Initially, Tech Mahindra created this facility for Tech M employees and their family members but allowed anyone outside of the employee community who reached out to us as information spread. 

IT Companies TCS, Wipro, Infosys to bear Covid Vaccines cost

A few weeks back, leading Indian IT companies, TCS, Infosys, Wipro, HCL have announced to cover the vaccination cost of their employees and their families.

According to a report, IT companies Wipro, Infosys, and Tech Mahindra organize Covid Vaccine Camps for over 5 lakhs employees and their families. Infosys has tied up with over 100 hospitals, and many other IT companies have set up vaccine centre on the campus.

The SEZ has over 35,000 workers, many of whom work from home, but a small portion of the workforce attending office had gone back home over the past couple of weeks when the covid-19 second wave in India started.

Ajay Goel, president of the Noida Special Economic Zone Welfare Association, said

 “Companies should be allowed to create a hyper-local facility for emergencies. We want to help create more such facilities. For that, we want permission. We have requested the administration,” SEZ members had urged the Noida administration to allow companies with the resources to set up covid care facilities because of the dire need for beds.

Indira Pathak, North India, HR Head, at Tech Mahindra, told TOI, “We are actively partnering with the government, local administration and private enterprises to ensure we minimize the impact of this situation. With each one of us coming forward to help, I am hopeful that the situation will start to improve soon.”

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