Tech Mahindra Bhubaneswar Office sealed after 7 employees test COVID-19 positive.

Tech Mahindra Bhubaneswar office located at Maitri Vihar in Chadrasekharpur area is sealed after 7 employees tested positive for COVID-19.

What happed:

As per the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) commissioner Pramod Prusty, The infected person was working in the Tech Mahindra Bhubaneswar office and had come in contact with several employees in the location.

Number of employees infected

  • 7 employees are confirmed Covid-19 positive 
  • 67 Tech Mahindra employees are instructed to stay home quarantine till July 20 as a precautionary measure
  • There may be more people at risk

What is happening right now:

  • BMC has sealed the Tech Mahindra office till July 17
  • Contact tracing of the infected persons has already started to identify how many more people came in contact.
  • Orissa Fire services teams have reached the office building and started a sanitization drive.

It is sad to see many Software Engineers working from the office during this time. Recently, another software company in the same area was also sealed after an employee of the software firm tested positive for the deadly disease.

Additionally, one of the Tech Mahindra Noida employees had raised concern when she was found Covid-19 positive.

There are many reports that IT companies are forcing the employees to come to the office. Employer’s logic is – there are certain job functions and critical roles that can not be performed from home.

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