Tech Mahindra announce a partnership with LivPerson Inc to help brands deliver end-to-end solutions.

LivPerson Inc, a global firm in Conversational AI, and Tech Mahindra, a leading digital transformation provider, consulting, and business re-engineering services, announced their partnership to help brands deliver end-to-end marketing, sales, and customer service solutions by connecting to customers via AI-powered messaging.

Brands can easily engage consumers in conversational experiences using popular messaging channels by combining LivePerson’s AI technology with Tech Mahindra’s services, including SMS, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, WeChat, Line, WhatsApp, and others, and layer in AI and automation to deliver personalized journeys.

As per the latest global survey of around 5000 customers, the need for conversational experiences is at an all-time high: now the interest is no longer limited to Gen Z and millennials, with 82 percent of consumers 65 and older wanting the option to message with brands and 75 percent of consumers reporting they would spend more with brands that allow messaging rather than calls.

Ritesh Idnani, President, Business Process Services of Tech Mahindra, said, “As customers increasingly ask new models of engagement and conversational commerce, partnership with LivePerson offers disruptive, end-to-end managed services for sales, marketing, and customer care.”

LivePerson’s industry-leading conversational cloud permits brands to leverage AI design, manage, and optimize bot and agent-handled conversations on messaging websites and apps. Brands using the Conversational Cloud have seen results, including an up to 20 per cent rise in average order value and consumer satisfaction scores, up to 10 times online sales conversions versus traditional websites, and 50 per cent lower labour costs and agent attrition.

Tech Mahindra will operationalize the Conversational Cloud to continue digital experiences across verticals, including cutting-edge conversational commerce experiences like proactive two-way messaging campaigns, augmented and virtual reality, and conversational ads.
“We’re excited to partner with Tech Mahindra to amplify the reach of our Conversational AI and messaging capabilities, the keys brands need to unlock their digital transformations,” said Rob LoCascio, founder, CEO of LivePerson.

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