Tech Mahindra Acquired Activus Connect to Improve Work from Home Experience

According to recent news, India-based IT major, Tech Mahindra has acquired Activus Connect, the work-at-home customer experience management solutions provider.

In response to this news, Anand Mahindra, the Chairman of Mahindra Group shared a post on Twitter to express his views on what he thinks about the future of work.

According to him, remote work will not end completely, even when the Covid-19 pandemic will be over. The industries will continue to practice some sort of hybrid work culture.

Mr. Mahindra wrote on Twitter that, working from home will be continuously practiced even when Covid ends. Organizations will be operating on some type of hybrid work culture.

He said that Tech Mahindra’s alliance with Activus Connect will be working to improve the work from home experience for customers.

According to Tech Mahindra’s announcement on Friday, the company acquired Activus by purchasing 100 percent stakes in the company. Activus is known for providing work at home customer experience management solutions.

This acquisition will involve a total transaction of $62 million from Tech Mahindra to Activus. This amount will also include earnouts in cash.

According to the IT major’s statement in a press release, the company is expecting this acquisition deal to enable it to accelerate the development of innovative workplace solutions, which in turn will help in improving its portfolio of end to the end customers experience.

The company also said that the acquisition will help in offering enhanced digital transformation services to its customers while strengthening the position of Tech Mahindra in the Work at Home Customer Experience Management domain.

This deal will provide Tech Mahindra with access to the SmartVirtual platform of Activus Connect. SmartVirtual is a customizable Omni-channels and AI-powered compliance analytics platform. It will be used for virtual management practices, analytics, and a cloud-based technologies ecosystem.

It added, consumers across the globe will be benefited from smart, efficient, and effective outcomes.