TCS top executive highlights Indian IT companies contribution to global businesses growth and transformation.

Indian IT companies enhance global businesses’ tech and operations efficiently and play an important role in their transformation journeys. It reflects how the IT industry has steadily moved up the value chain, said a top TCS top executive on Tuesday.

Surya Kant, Chairman, TCS North America, said the Indian IT companies had been the ‘vanguard of industries, shaping business, society, and human behavior trends.

While talking at the FICCI LEADS 2021 event, he said, “In the early days of the IT services sector, TCS formed relationships with North American companies that were eager to become more efficient. They quickly took advantage of the expanding pool of highly skilled technology talent, but fast forward to today, and the situation has changed drastically,”

He added that while these companies still work with Indian IT companies to improve their IT and business operations, the industry has steadily moved up the value chain.

“Today, these organizations want and expect more partnering in the growth and transformation journeys, and the way it’s been playing out is like a preview of how innovation will appear in the future,” he added.

The IT Services sector is an excellent example of the great partnership between Indian and North American businesses. He cited efforts of the TCS in the US to engage with university students to make them industry-ready.

He said the students receive invaluable insights into applying cutting-edge technology, and TCS will nurture the next generation of North American tech talent. Through partnerships built on shared beliefs and local action, the seeds of innovation may foster growth.

TCS top executive Surya Kant mentioned the company’s efforts for increasing local hiring and expanding education of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to students.

Earlier this year, TCS had announced its plans to expand operations in Ohio by hiring over 800 local employees at Cincinnati and other offices across the state by 2022.

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