TCS to hire over 35,000 graduates, making the FY22 hiring count to 78,000.

On Friday, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) announced that it aims to hire 35,000 fresh graduates in the second half of this fiscal year, bringing the total to 78,000 for the entire fiscal year. In the last six months, the organisation has hired 43,000 graduates.

TCS added 19,690 net employees in the second quarter, bringing the total number to 528,748 as of September 30. Women account for 36.2 per cent of the entire workforce.

“In more ways than one, this has been a rewarding quarter. In the last six months, we hired a record amount of 43,000 new graduates. TCS chief HR officer Milind Lakkad said, “Our Shift-Left training model has helped us greatly expedite their deployment.”

“Investing in our talent pipeline ahead of time has helped us overcome supply-side problems and achieve the execution timeframes of our client’s growth and transformation plans,” he continued.

In the September quarter, TCS’ attrition rate jumped to 11.9 per cent, up from 8.6 per cent the previous quarter. The company’s management expressed concern about current attrition rates, predicting that the trend will continue for two to three quarters.

The corporation has also announced its ambitions to return employees to their workstations, with 70% fully vaccinated and over 95% receiving at least one shot.

TCS management stated that fully vaccinated upper-level staff had already been invited back to work.

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