TCS Partners with UK’s Largest food and apparel retailer to Re-Engineer Its Supply Chain

Tata Consultancy Services, TCS partners with Mark & Spencer, a major British food, apparel and retailer of home goods as its strategic partner. TCS will help them in executing their journey to the cloud.

Mark & Spencer has also collaborated with Blue Yonder to reduce costs and bring improvement in the stock flow of their supply chain. Panasonic has recently occupied it. TCS is the strategic partner of Blue Yonder as well.

There are more than 1500 stores operated by M&S, with the collaborative contribution of over 78,000 employees.
The customer behaviour and need are changing day by day. The rise in online demand has been significant, and to keep themself up for it, Mark & Spencer has partnered with TCS.

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Mark & Spencer will use Luminate planning to leverage Blue Yonder’s demand and fulfilment capabilities. Luminate planning, built on Microsoft Azure, is a cloud-based solutions portfolio that will allow M&S to have more precise look at demand.

It will strengthen and synchronise its demand signals as well as other external aspects across its stores. TCS is also the strategic partner of Microsoft Azure and empowers it to leverage its technology to help Mark & Spencer better evaluate demand scenarios.

Even the perspective recommendations will help them make more accurate decisions about the staging of inventory across its distribution network, reducing stockouts and increasing the turns of inventory.

TCS partners with Mark & Spencer, Blue Yonder and Microsoft and guiding them in their program delivery, data implementation and integrating patterns.
Matt Horwood, the Chief Technology Officer at M&S, said in a statement that the company is on its way to re-engineering its clothing and home supply chain as a part of their Never the Same Again program.

He added that Luminate planning would help them make their supply chain more agile and provide better services to online and in-store customers.

Under TCS partnership with Mark & Spencer, they have hep in enhancing the Power BI reports to M&S business KPIs.

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