TCS launches a connected consumer solution to help media service providers for a better customer experience.

  • The new TCS connected consumer solution will help provide user analytics of IoT devices and other smart home devices to media services providers for a better user experience.
  • TCS also launched EngineeringtheFuture-Media Lab, which allows customers to innovate things.

Tata Consultancy Services has begun a connected consumer home segment solution to provide non-invasive device telemetry-enabled data analytics. 

It will help create insights for improving services and introduce new features based on user response data within the connected home ecosystem across OTT (over-the-top), Internet gateway, next-gen video and internet of things (IoT connected devices. 

The product called Connected Consumer Home solution based on RDK will facilitate media and communication service providers (CSPs) to build a successful and uniform customer experience across apps, devices and channels.

Further, the company launched the TCS EngineeringtheFuture-Media Lab to build and showcase solutions on the RDK platform. The lab is an excellent product research and design facility that helps customers innovate, rapidly model and create ready-to-deploy solutions. 

“We are happy to announce this strategic relationship with RDK that will help our media and CSP clients innovate faster and transform themselves. The open-source platform encourages collaboration among different partners to build purpose-centric and boundary-less ecosystems,” said Regu Ayyaswamy, Global Head, Engineering and Industrial Services, TCS. 

“The TCS Connected Consumer Home Solution systematises core functions used in the broadband, video and next-generation smart home IoT solutions, helping deliver better user experiences, and enabling new business models and innovation in this part.”

 “RDK solutions represent a huge opportunity for communication service providers to develop and dispose of a common approach to device software across various hardware and network architectures,” said S. Heeb, President, RDK.

The RDK community has more than 430 companies, including CPE manufacturers, software developers, system integrators, SoC vendors and service providers. Globally, the number of RDK devices used is now more than 60 million, and dozens of service providers across North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia are in various evaluation stages, trials, testing, or deployment.