TCS Hybrid Work Model for 5 lakh employees: priority to Clients and more power to Managers

The largest Indian IT employer Tata Consultancy Services is planning to bring a TCS hybrid work model for the future in which the only one of the fourth employees will work from the offices.

TCS has a plan called Vision 25*25 in which by the year 2025, a maximum of only 25 percent of its total employees will be in the office at any given time.

There will be no complete work from home for TCS employees as Tata Sons Chairman N. Chandrasekaran thinks that in-person interactions are a “social necessity.” Additionally, COO N Ganapathy Subramaniam (NGS) shares a similar opinion.

It is also essential because employees can dedicate full attention to work while working in the office. Therefore, return to work can not be ruled out since the top management see office work as more practical despite the flexibility offered by remote work.

TCS Hybrid Work Model

NGS said that the TCS Hybrid work model would be adopted by the company depending on client requirements. The company has given powers to project managers, according to which managers can fix flexible schedules such as bringing in employees to work two days a week.

NGS believes India has no supply shortage regarding the ongoing surge in demand for specialized IT talent. Additionally, freshers hiring serve as the bottom of the employee pyramid.

Last year, TCS hired nearly 50000 freshers and laterals.

Rising Attrition

IT companies are working to retain the best talent by offering them good and challenging work. Secondly, companies are trying to keep employees with attractive salaries, pay hikes, and bonuses.

The remote or Hybrid work model has also put to rest the fears of less productivity. It has increased women’s leadership in companies due to flexible work timings. Additionally, it helped the companies to reduce their global carbon footprint.

However, there are some cons to working from home, leading to losses for small businesses. Moreover, Service-based sectors have also been affected since employees are now no longer around.

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