TCS extends NYC Marathon Sponsorship till 2029

Leading IT Services, Solutions, and Consulting company Tata Consultancy Services(TCS) announced that it had extended NYC Marathon sponsorship till 2029.TCS signed an eight-year contract with New York Road Runners or NYRR to extend its technology as well as title sponsorship of the TCS NYC Marathon through 2029.

The company’s extended NYC marathon partnership with NYRR is after TCS has already that they will be the new title sponsor of the London Marathon starting in the year 2022. The IT major collectively intends to invest $30 million to $40 million annually in global running sponsorships and related community programming between 2022 and 2029.As part of the extended sponsorship, TCS will be launching a new version of its TCS New York City(NYC) Marathon App that inculcates augmented reality (AR) features that became popular for virtual races during the pandemic.

The new version will have features that support both in-person and virtual runners and offer surprise-and-delight AR experiences. Athletes, along with fans, will have the ability to access real-time runner tracking, a finishing-time predictor, and digital cheer cards. TCS will also donate $4 million to NYRR’s youth and community programs, including the Rising New York Road Runners, which is a free, nationwide NYRR program that incorporates physical education into the school hours.

Surya Kant, the Chairman, North America, TCS, stated that they are delighted to extend their sponsorship of the TCS NYC Marathon, the main running event in the world. Kant added that the company sponsors running events worldwide because they want to inspire local communities to live healthily and follow active lifestyles and the apparent parallels between marathons and the growth and transformation journeys that they help their clients undertake. He noted that running a marathon makes one feel that there’s nothing one can’t achieve, and he further added that with each step one takes in a marathon, they’re building on belief.

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