TCS employee arrested for kidnapping his son.

A TCS employee, who was addicted to vices during the lockdown and got debt-ridden, kidnapped his son for ransom money to pay off debts.

The Kandukur police arrested the accused TCS employee and rescued the boy from his father’s clutches. Police handed over the boy to his mother.

The horrible incident took place at Cheruvukommupalam village in Ponnaluru Mandal in Prakasam district.

According to the details released by DSP Kande Srinivasulu at the press conference, the accused is identified as Palnati Ramakrishna Reddy, a TCS employee.

Palnati Ramakrishna Reddy and Uma from Cheruvukommupalam married five years ago and had a three-year-old son named Sarwan Reddy.

The accused Ramakrishna was working as a software employee in TCS in Hyderabad. Due to the pandemic and lockdowns, he was working from home from his hometown Cheruvukommupalem.

However, Ramakrishna became addicted to alcohol, gambling, and prostitution, due to which he owed over Rs 20 lakh to several people to meet his needs.

Desperate to pay his debts, the accused forcibly took his son from their home on 28 July and disappeared. He later called his family members and asked for Rs.20 lakhs. Additionally, he threatened to kill the boy and himself if they did not pay him and agree to his demand.

Unable to find and trace her husband and son, Uma Reddy complained to the Ponnaluru police station on 30 July. Police found Ramakrishna Reddy at a lodge in Kandukur after tracking call records of him.

Kandukur police found the Ramakrishna and Sarwan Reddy in the lodge, handed over the boy to his mother, and arrested Ramakrishna. Police filed the case against the accused TCS employee of wrongful confinement and attempt-to-murder.

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