TCS Cognix becomes the master key to unlocking huge deals within a year of its launch.

In just a year since its launch, Tata Consultancy Services’ cognitive business operation solution TCS Cognix has become its master key to unlocking huge transactions. Through its Cognix solution, the IT services giant announced six substantial transaction wins in the last quarter, including in the high-tech and oil and gas industries, among others.

TCS now intends to advertise the service aggressively and develop similar solutions for existing customers.

Cognix is a pre-built AI-driven human-machine collaboration suite that combines business process management, IT applications or software, and data centres and servers into a single offering. The system is tailored to each company’s needs, including verticals such as HR, CFO, CMO, and CIO, to mention a few.

COGNIZ cash flow command centre, for example, is a specialist product for CFOs. The CFO will receive a forecast of which customers are likely to have payment troubles, as well as records of how much money their company will receive.

“On the heels of Cognix, we secured roughly six significant projects last quarter where we will be delivering transformation of operational models to customers.” We’ve landed a big contract in the high-tech industry. We obtained another significant agreement in the technology and oil and gas industries. We’re trying to find solutions to unique problems in the industry.”

“We have over 1000 clients in total, and we’re looking at contextual knowledge from those customers, as well as industry trends, before putting together all of these solutions. As a result, our answer is highly tailored to the demands of both the customer and the industry. Of course, the needs of the B2B business differ from those of the B2C sector, but we’ve factored those differences into our solution.” TCS’s Ashok Pai is the VP and Global Head of Cognitive Business Operations.

Cognix has been adopted in countries all over the world. TCS received a few of these contracts from North American clients, a few from European clients, and one from the Asia Pacific. TCS Cognix is active in 15 distinct industry sectors. “We have over a hundred solutions as part of Cognix, and in the first year of launching this, we have crossed over a hundred clients installed base,” Pai stated.

TCS has been recommending the solution to new bids and businesses seeking to modernize their processes. “It does not just lift and shift; it’s more often lift, transform, shift, or lift, shift, transform, depending on the customer care.” We also consider the strategic interests and pain concerns of our consumers.”

“It’s pretty much in every single presentation we offer from a cognitive business operations standpoint, also because it’s a disruptive solution.” We have a bold plan in place to roll out this service to our existing customer base as well. “We have a maturity model in place for operations,” Pai explained.

TCS will assess the customer’s request and the maturity level of their operations before recommending solutions to help the organization advance.

AGL, an Australian multiproduct energy retailer with which TCS has worked for over a decade, is one of the important clients. AGL has over 4.2 million retail customers. The company’s most significant problem was processing data from billions of smart meter records and thousands of daily exchanges, such as voice calls, webchats, emails, and social media engagements.

TCS used Cognix’s analytics system to aid with data collection. Previously, if a new AGL client called in to indicate he wished to migrate from Sydney to Melbourne, the backup would be contacted first, and an email would be sent. Then an agent took this information and entered it into the ERP database, indicating that a change request had been made.

“By using Cognix, now when the voice call happens, we convert the voice to text using natural language processing (NLP), and from that NLP, we know that there is a moving request that has come, and the software sends an alert to the back office saying that there is a moving request, please make sure that the ERP is updated, and the entire end-to-end process happens,” Pai explained. These types of interventions were implemented to improve the client experience dramatically.”

Finally, such processes aid in improving AGL’s net promoter score, which is a big customer for TCS, where they manage the business process, IT, and infrastructure layers.

TCS’s next goal is to continue developing new value adds to the core product, actively growing. Finance, HR, supply chain, IoT solutions and analytics will be designed across industries and corporate operations.

TCS is currently assisting a significant media business in tracking earnings calls and receiving real-time insights from the CEOs and CFOs throughout their speeches. Cognix can extract critical messages delivered to its back office within nine minutes, using AI and machine learning to analyze the data. Subsequently, the filtered data is supplied to the media houses’ channel’s terminal or ticker.