TCS 75% Workforce will Permanently Work From Home by 2025

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), an India-based global IT giant, is expected to call its employees back to the office, who have been doing work from home since the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, by the end of 2021, or the beginning of 2022.

TCS will be able to execute this plan only if the country does not encounter another wave of the pandemic.

According to a spokesperson of TCS, the main focus of the firm is on getting its workforce of over 5 lakh employees and their families vaccinated. They have also organized a vaccination drive about 3 months ago, to do the vaccination of their employees and their families. This drive was organized in 125 cities of India and was also one of the biggest corporate vaccination drives.

About 90% of TCS’s workforce have received their first dose, and the firm is planning to complete the second one too.

In April 2020, the IT firm announced its 25/25 model. According to this model by 2025, at any point in time, about 75% of its globally located 5 lakh employees will be asked to work from home. But before the firm is prepared to make this reform, it will slowly start allowing its employees to work from offices.

This model will lead to a reduction in office sizes as compared to now. The implementation of the 25/25 model will be done in phases after consent from respective team leaders, with the necessary flexibility to employees.

After the imposition of lockdown last year, TCS shifted 90% of its employees to the Secure Borderless WorkSpaces (SBWS). It was only after the adoption of this operating model, the firm announced the 25/25 model.

The implementation of the 25/25 model will set an example for the whole industry, but currently, the firm is planning to bring its employees back to the office, if the pandemic situation allowed.

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