Tata Technologies: No Salary for 400 employees till December; Find a project or ready for Layoff

Tata Technologies Pune has put less than 400 people on the bench due to the decrease in demand for work from ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. This could be the sign of Tata Technologies Layoff however difficult to say as this company is under the wings of Tata Group.

Not only are these employees put on the bench, but many of the employees will face ‘Leave Without Pay’, where they will not get any salary.

It was not even 72 hours when Ratan Tata Sir gave a speech on Layoff and said that companies need to be sensitive towards their employees. 

He criticized companies who are firing employees and bringing more Layoffs to industry and said an interview, “Is that your definition of ethics when you treat your labor force that way?”

He further added that “companies have a responsibility towards their employees.”

Here are the important details from Tata Technologies Pune who stopped Salaries Of 400 Employees Till Year-End

  • Tata Technologies Hinjewadi, Pune, Maharashtra, India sent an email to specific employees(~385 employees) who do not currently have an active project.
  • The company said to find the projects and assignments by 31 December 2020. Employees who are unable to secure a project by year-end will be terminated. These employees will be fired from the job.
  • Bench employees are on paid leave and will soon move to unpaid leave. As per one of the employees, Tata Technologies has asked to utilized the Paid vacations leave before Leave Without Pay Will Start.
  • End of June there was a report in TOI on Tata Technologies Layoff however it really did not have many details.

Employee Union NITES comes in support for IT Employees and Files Complaint Against Tata Technologies.

  • The National Information Technology Employees Senate (NITES)- A Non-Profit entity aggressively working to support, empower Indian IT Professionals filed a complaint with the Labor Commissioner.
  • As reported in Times Of India, Harpreet Saluja, who is general secretary, NITES said that the company asked employees to respond to an email informing of this situation by 22 July. He also mentioned Ratan Tata’s recent speech on companies needs to be sensitive to their employees during this pandemic.

Background of Tata Technologies:

  • Tata Technologies Limited is a Tata Group company headquarters in Pune India that provides services in engineering and design, product lifecycle management, manufacturing, product development, and IT service management to mainly automotive and aerospace equipment manufacturers.
  • Tata Technologies has a total of 9000 employees and the company operates in 25 countries.
  • Tata Technologies is the subsidiary of Tata Motors.

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