Surge in demand for remote work

It’s been more than one year since the pandemic wreaked havoc, causing people to work from their homes. Many white-collar employees now prefer remote work over office work and say that they are unwilling to go back to corporate offices full-time.

The demand for work-from-home jobs is evident when the Canadian video software company Vidyayrd saw an increase in job applications after specifying that the roles can be performed remotely from home.

Marc Cenedella, the founder and chief executive of Ladders, a leading job-search site, believes that remote work will be the new signing bonus. He added that greater flexibility proves to be a perk that companies use to find more talented people.

Carrie Blair, who works as the chief human resources officer at Insurance Major Allstate Corporation, noted that a survey conducted among employees revealed that many preferred remote work.

The company found more roles that can be performed remotely. Blair says that hardly anyone will be returning to Allstate’s offices full-time. The company decided that 75% of functions can be performed remotely, and 24% can be performed on a hybrid basis. The rest 1% who will go back to office setting will be mainly board members and top executives, and people are working in customer-facing roles.

An Atlanta Based IT company First Advantage Corp with a workforce exceeding 3,500 people, intends to reopen its offices in phases over the next few months.  The company CEO Scott Staples noted that many employees working in technology roles would likely spend more time working from home.

Remote work or work from home is creating all this buzz recently mainly because it guarantees flexible jobs. This flexibility aspect in remote work is compelling because workers are willing even to trade their jobs. Push for adaptability and flexibility is also causing waves of resignations as well as encouraging more employees to judge their work from home policies. The pre-covid era is likely to be plagued with more remote jobs than office setting jobs.