Sunder Pichai salary: the highest-paid executive.

Every IT fresher and Professional have a dream to work at Google. The reason may vary from person to person, but a high compensation and great in-office perks at Google have highlighted reasons to work with the global tech leader. But whatever they earn at the company, it is a fraction of the CEO of Google Sunder Pichai’s salary in a year.

Sunder Pichai, the CEO of Alphabet Inc, became one of the highest-paid CEO after a salary of $281 million in 2019.

Salary of Sunder Pichai –

Pichai Sundararajan or Sunder Pichai is the CEO of Google and parent Alphabet Inc. In 2019, Sunder Pichai’s salary was around $281 million, which was much more than any CEO of the top companies. In addition, his salary is 1085 times the median Google employee’s salary of around 2.5 lakh USD.

The major part of Pichai’s salary consisted of stock awards, some of which will be paid out depending on Alphabet‘s stock return relative to other companies in the S&P 100 index. According to a statement filled with market regulators, Pichai’s annual salary was $6.5 million in 2019.

As per the Annual Proxy filing made by Google with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Pichai’s base salary was 2 million USD, Rs.15 crore in Indian Rupees in 2020.

He got 5 million USD as ‘all other compensation,’ making Pichai’s salary total $7.4 million (Rs. 52 crores). 

Before taking over charge as CEO of Alphabet, Pichai’s base salary was 6.5 lakh USD (approx. Rs. 4.8 crores) in 2019, and other compensations were nearly $3.3 million.

Personal Life –

Sunder Pichai was born and brought up in Chennai, India, and did his schooling at Vana Vani School of IIT Madras. Pichai did his engineering in metallurgical.

Pichai is married to Anjali Pichai, a chemical engineer from IIT Kharagpur.

Education – B Tech from IIT Kharagpur 

                               MS from Stanford University 

                       MBA from University of Pennsylvania


Organization – Alphabet Inc, Google

Title – CEO 

Salary – 281 million USD (2019)

Pichai at Google –

After a short term at McKinsey & Co., Pichai started his career at Google in 2004 and headed product management and innovation efforts for a suite of Google‘s client software products, for Google Chrome, Chrome OS, and Google Drive.

In 2015, Pichai took charge as CEO of Google, previously CEO Larry Page appointed him as Product Chief. 

Google Cofounders Larry Page and Sergey Brin announced their decision to step down from leadership roles in December 2019 and announced that Pichai would be taking over as Alphabet CEO.


Pichai became the CEO of Alphabet Inc CEO in 2015, rising through the ranks.

Pichai led the organization through pandemic crises and economic recession and cut back on hiring and investment plans for the year.

Pichai Net worth –


Pichai’s net worth is estimated at around 1.4 billion USD as of May 2021. It consists of 3000 units of Alphabet Inc stock worth 256 million USD and 281 million USD, Pichai’s salary as CEO and Director at Alphabet Inc.