Sundar Pichai to Google Employees: We Are Postponing Return to Office

According to a recent letter from Sundar Pichai to the Google employees, the global IT giant has postponed its office reopening plans till 18 October 2021.

The Google CEO considers this decision of extending the office reopening date beneficial for Google employees belonging to the regions which are severely affected by the Delta variant of the Coronavirus.

Even he also allowed employees to return early to the office if they are in the areas where there is no shortage of vaccines and vaccination is taking place at a good rate.

According to Sundar Pichai, for the next few months, vaccination is one of the most important ways to ensure the health of the Google community.

Along with the office reopening update he also shared two important points. The first one was about getting vaccinated and the other was about the work-from-home plans.

Referring to the first point he said that employees must get vaccinated if they want to work from campus. Till now, it’s only the US where this policy has been implemented, but Sundar Pichai has plans to extend this to other Google workplaces around the world, based on the severity of the Covid 19 in that particular region.

He has still allowed some exception clauses for Google employees, who are not getting vaccinated due to other health issues.

Sundar Pichai ensured that Google employees will be informed at least 30 days prior before they’ll be asked to return to the campuses for work.

Even, he has given the flexibility to the employees to continue work from home, till the end of 2021, if they are unable to return to the office due to some special circumstances. Along with that, the Expanded Carer’s Leave for parents and caregivers will continue till the end of the year.

Sundar Pichai also shared the optimism he is feeling after watching Google employees working together in the offices.

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