Sonata Software announced a new identity and strategy for its acquisition in Australia, Scalable Data Systems.

Sonata Software bought Scalable Data Systems, an Australian firm known for its commodity trades and agri-manufacturing solutions. Today, the firm announced the new brand identity of the acquisition: Sonata Scalable.

As announced at the time of acquisition, the strategy was to combine the powers of both companies to make a remarkable impact on the Australian market.

This has come to fruition with the proven success of addressing a broader set of industries, like Retail, Manufacturing, Distribution, Agribusiness, and Service industries, engaging in more significant transformation initiatives spread across a more broad-based technology stack including Dynamics, Data, and Cloud.

The new identity serves to reiterate the commitment and belief in the Australian market leading to more investments. In line with this commitment, Sonata acquired Melbourne, headquartered Gap Buster Worldwide (GBW), that’s focused on Client Experience management solutions worldwide.

Sonata Scalable got together Scalable Data Systems’ deep knowledge of local markets and client needs and Sonata’s extremely unique Platformation approach, global presence, strong track record of delivering technology solutions at scale, and partnerships and alliances with software majors. 

“The latest identity will help bring to a sharper focus on cutting edge technology solutions to customers in Australia, New Zealand, and beyond,” said Mr. Srikar Reddy, MD & CEO, Sonata Software. “Firms around globally are looking at digital transformation as a core for businesses today, and Platformation, Sonata’s proprietary framework for building platform-based businesses, will provide clients with the edge they require to thrive in a landscape that is being transformed its technology. 

Sonata Scalable will unite local experience and global experience to provide our consumers greater value,” he added.

“We are invigorated at how the mix has worked out, opening up new fragments and openings for the joined substance; Australia has now evolved as one of our worldwide conveyance communities,” he said.

“Our 30-year association with Microsoft will likewise permit us to offer a more extensive scope of administrations. Henceforth, Sonata Scalable has demonstrated its capabilities every time, be it with Ronstan, Castlegate James, Chemists Warehouse, or any of our various consumers in the region.”

Vice President of Sonata Software and CEO, Sonata Scalable, Mr. Brett Crew, has had over thirty years of experience providing business software solutions to organisations in the region. He is excited about the larger team and more profound expertise that is available to Sonata Scalable.

“What we compromise if of a capable team that is already established in Australia and is now backed by a broader and larger organisation, with centres of excellence across an entire range of areas such as mobility e-commerce, platform engineering, data and analytics, systems and infrastructure” Crew said.

Platformation, the organisation’s signature offering, is the best framework for the veteran’s approach to advanced partnerships.

“We fostered our Commodity CTRM because we could see the worth of frameworks worked around information and computerised. 

We needed to give agri-fabricating organisations and ware merchants the capacity to move quicker and more unhesitatingly than their rivals. This way of thinking adjusts consummately with the Platformation™ model, which is about better adjusting innovation, business frameworks and information,” he said.

For Crew, the new company logo is the perfect representation of the strengths of the two companies. The Sonata Software piano keys have been carried through, signalling a corporate culture valuing creativity and teamwork as much as technical expertise. “The new logo is excellent.

I’m looking forward to representing the company with new branding that better reflects our united strengths,” Crew says.

In the end, Sonata and Sonata Scalable are all about providing value to customers and helping them run their businesses better.