Software engineer succumbs to death after a heart attack in the USA.

Prateek, after completing his M.S living in Iowa, USA, a city-based software engineer has died after he had a massive heart attack.

Deceased T. Prateek Telkar is the only son of retired CADA Assistant Executive Engineer N.B. Tukaram and N. Shalini, residents of Sharda Devi Nagar near Sharda park, Mysore.
It is learned that Prateek collapsed while he was talking to his parents on 26 February at 8 pm (IST).

Relatives residing in the U.S. rushed to his residence in Iowa and confirmed that he breathed his last following a major heart attack.

His father, Mr Tukaram, said to a local news site that the software engineer (Prateek’s) body is expected to arrive in Mysore on 5th march.

Meanwhile, it is also learned that he told his parents about his marriage plans and had planned to come to India in December to get married and stay with them in Mysore.

Again, the stressful life of software engineer and IT professionals has been highlighted by this tragic and unpleasant incident. Though the reason for Prateek’s death is heart attack which could be due to any medical and health problem underlying stress, long work hours, and social gathering restrictions due to Covid-19 had led to health issues in many software engineers in recent days.

Indian IT Blog wants every IT professionals reading the story to prioritize your physical and mental health, family, and personal life. One can always achieve a successful career if one has good physical health and a good state of mind.