Software Engineer Leaves IT Job and becomes Chaiwala (tea seller)

In an unconventional move, A Software Engineer left his well-settled high-paying IT Job and started his own business as Tea Seller. To seek happiness in life, this Software Engineer did not care about the society and became a Chaiwala from a Software Engineer.

Ankit Nagvanshi from Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh, has started a Tea Stall where he uses clean water from RO, UV, and Ozonized process. According to Ankit, he started the business right before the pandemic began. 

He is reportedly a software engineer by profession and has worked with reputed companies like Wipro. Though the IT job paid him well, he had no satisfaction and peace in his life, and that is why he decided to open his own business and became a tea-seller, and he also sells poha now.

On the board, he wrote in Hindi:

I am a Software Engineer, and I have worked in many companies including Wipro, Trust Software, and Business Intelligence firms where I got paid well but had no peace and happiness. I always wanted to start a business. Every day, I will get a cup of tea on my table. However, I never got a lovely Tea. Since I have always been an enthusiast for tea and tea lover, I wished for a fantastic tea. Which is why I started my business with tea and became Engineer Chaiwala.


Software Engineer Chaiwala
Software Engineer Chaiwala


It is a software engineer who became a successful Fish Farmer or a strong woman Software Engineer who started Vegetables. India witnessed many inspiring stories during Covid-19, where Software Engineer left the job or laid off from the job and started something unconventional.

On another note, once upon a time writer of this story had a dream to start a Tea and Vada Pav Shop in Pune, Maharastra.

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