Software engineer files case in Kerala High Court asking for WhatsApp ban in India.

On Wednesday, a software engineer from Idukki filed a petition with the Kerala High Court, requesting that the central government issue a decree prohibiting WhatsApp from operating in India if the firm refuses to cooperate with the legitimate authorities.

According to KG Omanakuttan of Kumali, Idukki, WhatsApp has filed a complaint in the Delhi High Court against India’s new IT Rules, which require instant messaging providers to assist in identifying the message originator.’ The corporation alleged that the rules infringe on a citizen’s privacy. The software engineer said that the app violates its users’ privacy and that the software cannot blame the law of the land.

According to the petitioner fake information in the form of writings, photographs, and videos, has been widely shared and reproduced. Messages like these have been used to assassinate numerous influential politicians from all political parties. Anti-nationals use this app to spread their views and information. According to the petitioner, threats, honey traps, fraudulent visas, admissions, and job placements are just a few examples of how the app has been abused.

The software engineer noted that police are having difficulty tracing the source of illegal operations because there are no regulations in India requiring them to reveal the source. He claims that the corporation has never collaborated with authorities, claiming that the platform is end-to-end encrypted, even in national security circumstances.

According to the software engineer, no one is above the law, and no one should be allowed to be above the law. To work in this country, the app must follow the rules of the country. The app should not be allowed to operate if it is unwilling to update its technology and collaborate with the authorities. The central government has blocked many websites and mobile apps because they are harmful to its interests.

The software engineer further requested that the central government directive instruct WhatsApp to follow the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules 2021.

On Monday, the court will hear the petition.

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