Software Engineer arrested from Pune in a cheating case after 18 years

Rajkot Police Crime Branch arrested a software engineer who was wanted for cheating to the tune of Rs. 39 lakhs.

Jayesh Parekh, who lived in Pune, one of India’s IT Hub, changing his identity and surprisingly had a job in a well-known software firm in Pune.
The accused software engineer, aged 40 of Rajkot, Gujarat, settled in Pune after getting married.
In the year 2003, Jayesh used to give bulk job work of data entry, and for that, he used to collect the deposit money.

He got the bulk work orders from several contacts.
Jayesh took 8.22 lakh as a deposit from Vimal Chohan by signing a contract to give him a bulk data entry job. But he did not pay for the work done by Chohan and eight other people and cheated them around Rs. 30.65 lakh.

Police also arrested his partner Sanjay Kothari for breach of trust and cheating.
While Sanjay was arrested, Jayesh evaded, and finally, police declared him absconding.
Jayesh went to Pune, worked there for six months, and went to Delhi.
After a year, he came back to Pune.

Police Sub-Inspector of Crime Branch, MV Rabari, said, “Jayesh is a software engineer and settled in Pune after getting a job in a well-known IT company.”
Jayesh created his new identity with a new Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Driving Licence, and address proof of his office.

He also opened a new bank account.
Jayesh did not inform his family about his marriage with a Gujarati girl from Mumbai and did not even attend his father’s last rites in 2008 in Rajkot.
But finally, after 18 years, he got arrested by Rajkot Police.

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