Silicon Valley of India Bengaluru is now ‘TecHalli.’

Anand Mahindra, Chairman of Mahindra Group, and Nandan Nilekani, Cofounder of Infosys, have selected ‘TechHalli’ as the new title of Bengaluru. It came days after Anand Mahindra asked Twitter users to suggest a new tag for the city, which is often called ‘Silicon Valley of India.’

Anand Mahindra tweeted on Saturday, “We have got the result, and Nandan Nilekani has agreed to be a co-judge, and together we both agreed on one title that we thought was appropriate. The winner is Srinivas P Reddy, who suggested ‘TecHalli.’”

Anand Mahindra thinks that ‘TecHalli’ is the perfect new name for the IT Hub of India Bengaluru because it put the ‘H’ in Tech to double use.

When a Twitterati tweeted saying that many people would not know the meaning of ‘TecHalli,’ he tweeted, “Congratulations to the winner, but Silicon Valley is a metaphor and the word ‘TecHalli of India’ would not be understood by the people internationally unless they know Kannada.”

Anand Mahindra replied that People would try to understand and attempt to know what it means. However, many people initially did not understand what Silicon Valley meant, and many even don’t speak English.

Many users on the platform welcomed the new name of Silicon Valley of India as TecHalli. One of them said that Bengaluru was Halli (Village) before becoming Silicon Valley.

Last week, Anand Mahindra had challenged Twitter users to give a new name to Bengaluru instead of Silicon Valley of India. And he is not happy with the name ‘Silicon Valley of India’ for Bengaluru. It all started after he tweeted an article stating that the non-stop Bengaluru to San Francisco flight will resume from June 10.

Anand Mahindra even announced the prize for the best caption, of which he posted a snap of a scale model of the Pininfarina’s H2 speed car. He tweeted that he will gift it to the person who will suggest the new title for Bangalore in place of Silicon Valley of India.

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