SEBI finalizes eight companies for Big Data and AI projects

The Securities and Exchange Board of India -SEBI has finalized 8 companies to implement the Big Data and AI projects. These companies will work on Data Analytics Projects and the Building of Data Models for SEBI.

Who is SEBI?:

The Securities and Exchange Board of India is a statutory body whose primary goal is to protect the interests of investors and Regulation and supervision of securities market

Eight companies selected by SEBI:

1. PWC Pvt. Ltd. 

2. Capgemini Technology Services India Limited 

3. Decimal Point Analytics Pvt. Ltd. 

4. Wipro Limited 

5. IBM India Private Limited 

6. NEC Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. 

7. Hewlett Packard Enterprise India Private Limited 

8. Infosys Limited

What is this project?:

SEBI wants to leverage cutting edge technologies to address critical challenges faced with the processing of a vast amount of data.

SEBI wants to implement a data lake project to handle share trading volumes that are growing at an astronomical rate

As per the SEBI website, the scope of the work includes:

  • Design, implement and support a big data solution/platform by building a data lake with analytical capabilities. 
  •  The data lake should use open source analytical tools such as R, Python, etc. 
  • Data Lake should have the following minimum of 12 characteristics.
          1. AI/ML capabilities 
          2. Data visualization 
          3. Business intelligence Tools 
          4. Time series analysis capabilities 
          5. Ability to Seek & Search structured/unstructured/semi-structured data 
          6. In-memory processing of data 
          7. Data Governance 
          8. Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) capabilities
          9. Text Mining and Natural Language Processing x. Data Masking 
          10. Cloud-ready 
          11. Security and DR capabilities 
          12. Backup management 
  • Installation and maintenance of Data Lake management software, ETL/ELT software, ML software, reporting/dashboarding tools, application server software, etc.
  • The solution should be able to store at least 300TB of data as part of the data lake solution.
  • Capability to load 4TB of order-trade data (approx. 4 billion records) in 30 minutes

Source: SEBI Website