SAP announced flexible work for 1 lakh employees

SAP, a business software group, has announced to adopt a flexible working facility for its approx 1 lakh employees around the world. This decision is taken based on the positive feedback from the employees after the remote working experience during the Covid-19 pandemic.

SAP has located its headquarter in Germany. About flexible working, the company said that in internal polling the company discovered that 94% of its staff want to enjoy more flexibility in the working. Along with that, around 50% of the employees want to work in the office only one or two days a week in future.

In an interview with Reuters, the newly appointed chief marketing and solutions officer of SAP, Julia White, said that this decision would give 100% flexibility.

Julia White left Microsoft to join SAP in January. Even she was appointed to the company remotely in the United States. She met only the Chief Executive Officer Christian Klein and some other vital managers on her first visit to the headquarter of SAP in Germany.

White admitted that it is crucial to have a personal interaction with co-workers to better cooperate within the team. Still, she also added that she could manage both personal and professional commitments by adopting flexibility by being a single mother.

On Tuesday, SAP sends a mail to all its employees saying that it is adopting a “flexible and trust-based workplace as the norm, not the exception”.

This will allow employees to adopt flexible working as per their convenience and choose either to work from home, remotely or at the office. Along with choice with flexible workspace, they will also be empowered to set their schedule.

To have more space for enabling teamwork and collaboration among employees, the company has decided to redesign its offices.

SAP is one of the companies that followed a flexible work policy. Companies like Facebook have declared to continue with remote working even after the lockdown.

Its ‘Pledge to flex’ is the result of the preferences expressed by the employees. About 16% of the employees want to work only remotely, while only 6% of the staff want to be present at the office five days a week.

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