Salesforce Considers India as Priority Market, and will Continue Investing Here

According to the president and chief operating officer of Salesforce, Bret Taylor, India is among its top priority markets in the world. Its growth in the region is being supported by its continuous investments and its second-largest employees based outside the United States.

He said that, along with growing its team and customers portfolio in India, they are feeling encouraged to invest in the ecosystem.

Recently, Salesforce Ventures has invested in many Indian companies including Darwinbox, Hashnode, and fintech firm Razorpay. The amount invested in Razorpay has not been disclosed yet.

Talking about the chairperson and chief executive officer of Salesforce India, Arundhati Bhattacharya he said that, the firm is expecting significant growth in the future under her leadership.

Mr. Taylor also mentioned the new capabilities of Slack which improves the collaboration experience of organizations. Now Slack can be integrated across sales, marketing, analytics, and service.

According to him, during remote work, companies need to find a place where all, employees, partners, and customers can meet virtually. Salesforce and Slack are preferred by several organizations around the globe for locating their digital headquarters.

The Salesforce’s products across which Slack can be integrated include Quip, Trailhead, and MuleSoft. Slack can also be integrated with the industry solutions in the domains of Corporate and Investment Banking, Life Sciences, Sustainability, Education, Healthcare, Nonprofit, and Philanthropy.

Now audio, video, and screen recordings can be created and shared via any channel or direct messages on Slack. This new feature is named Clips, developed considering the current working practices.

Along with that, Salesforce has created four categories as a part of its strategy to reduce carbon emissions including work from anywhere, business travel, infrastructure, and supply chain.

Along with other partners, Salesforce has started a movement whose target is to take care of 1 trillion trees by 2030. It is also planning to help its customers in reducing their carbon emissions with the launch of Sustainability Cloud 2.0.

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