Salesforce CEO on Employees Continuing with WFH Even after the Pandemic

In an interview on Monday, the Salesforce CEO, Mr Marc Benioff, expresses his expectations from candidate to continue with the WFH practice even after the pandemic ends.

THE Salesforce CEO said that the Covid-19 pandemic had changed the organization’s working culture in various ways, and there are very few chances of returning to the previously followed practices.

Everyone must note that he is saying this even after the opening of Salesforce tower in 2018, a 61 flood tower located in San Francisco.

In an interview with CNBC, Salesforce CEO said that it is expected that about 50 to 60% of the employees will choose to work from home, which was only 20% before the pandemic.

He also added that the time has changed, and they have reinvented themselves to adopt the digital working culture to be practised in future.

The pandemic has helped many industries, including the cloud software industry, empower themselves with the tools to retain the productivity of their remotely working clients and employees. The Salesforce WFH has also followed the same.

Even the company’s revenue has reached about $21.3 billion, with a rise of 24% compared to last fiscal year.

Salesforce CEO also mentioned that the company has worked on various global government projects related to the Covid-19 pandemic, including the vaccine management system and the contact tracing system of New York City, Japan and Victoria, Australia.

He added that the company is hectic serving their commercial and public sector customers, and many activities are happening within the company.

The company has taken an impairment of 216 million dollars to reduce the office needs and support Salesforce WFH, because of which they had to exit from selected real estates locations.

Like other tech companies, Salesforce is also trying to find ways to use the vacant space in their offices effectively. Mr Benioff wanted the space to be utilized for training and organizing events.

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